Monday, February 11, 2019

New Favorite Trackball - Elecom M-XT3UR

Years ago, I was dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome pain, pain that would keep me awake at night. I built my own braces, built a sling where I could sleep with my hands elevated at night. I was trying a bunch of things and wanted to avoid surgery. Some of my friends had benefited from surgery, some had not. I stumbled onto split keyboards and trackballs. With split keyboards and trackballs, I found the pain diminishing, to the point today where I rarely think about pain. For me, split keyboards and trackballs let me type all day.

For keyboards, my favorite is the Microsoft Wired Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.

For trackballs, my favorite has been the Wired Logitech Trackman Wheel, T-BB18. These have been out of production for years, and I have been replacing them with the Wireless Logitech Trackman Wheel, M370. The M370 is pretty good, except for the batteries. The batteries last a long time, but when they start going low, double clicking, dragging, and other operations get a bit flakey. This drives me nuts when I am trying to get something important done and I can't get double clicks to work cleanly. I really want a wired trackball. I don't want to worry about batteries.

Many recommended the Wired Elecom M-XT3UR as a replacement, and I can support that recommendation. Its a bit smaller than the M370 and I think I would like a trackball that is larger than the M370, but after a weekend I feel at home and find myself wanting a spare to take into work. I want to replace my M370s with the Elecom trackballs.

Thumbs up to the Elecom M-XT3UR.